The cancer-prevention program
devised by the Léon Bérard Centre is a world EXCLUSIVITY

Centre Leon Berard


The ability to take swift action often helps limit the treatments needed to resolve health-related problems.
 It is a well-known fact that prevention is one of the best methods of limiting the development or outbreak of certain illnesses, including cancer.

  • Knowledge of the risks, the specific context, early warning signs, detection
  • Knowledge of one’s own weaknesses and how to adapt one’s lifestyle
  • Regular health check-ups

Our prevention program

Primary prevention concerns those who are in good health. The foremost idea is to perform a highly detailed check-up in order to analyse all your personal risk factors and to define an action plan enabling you to live for the longest time.

In the case of the development of a cancer-related illness, this approach enables faster reactivity and implementation of the necessary corrective actions and, more often than not, the use of fewer technical resources.

With our unique program, we are offering you the possibility to become a highly effective player in your future well-being and to partner with us so that we can accompany you over the long term.

Dr Maurice PEROL

Dr Maurice PEROL

More than 300 screening tests performed in just 1 week

We specialise in all types of adult cancer

100% of the most frequent cancers affecting men and women.
100% of the most aggressive cancers and those that can be treated effectively if they are discovered early enough.
100% of cancers relating to dietary habits, environmental issues, harmful lifestyle habits or hereditary factors.

prévention cancer
Centre Léon Bérard

Based in Lyon, the Léon Bérard Centre is an internationally-renowned hospital that is fully specialised in cancerology. It welcomes more than 30,000 patients each year. You will be welcomed in VIP conditions throughout your stay.

Outstanding medical care

200 doctors and 500 researchers work hard every day at the centre to bring you the very best healthcare solutions.

Cutting-edge diagnostic capabilities

State-of-the-art medical imaging techniques, a nuclear medicine centre, a diagnostic endoscopy and bio-pathological department offering a full array of anatomo-cytopathology and molecular biology analyses.

1st symposium specialising in oncogenics created in France
Consultations on environmental risk factors
Dietary consultations and advice
Partnerships with regional care networks

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