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Lyon is steeped in 2000 years of history, much of which is still visible through the architectural heritage that the town offers. From Roman ruins to Renaissance palaces as well as a vast array of contemporary buildings, very few towns around the world possess such rich diversity. Lyon’s historical centre is even classified as a Unesco world heritage site.

But this is not all, Lyon has always managed to preserve the delicate balance between a modern town and surrounding nature, between major cultural events and more local festivities. Allow us to unlock the door to a truly exciting discovery!

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Lyon offers the very best in terms of hotel accommodation (5-star, 4-star and boutique hotels). We will ensure that you enjoy the finest quality establishments that the region has to offer and at the same time experience the best of the French way of life.

Whether you choose a design-influenced hotel, a historical or more contemporary establishment… you will be able to settle in comfortably and in style!


Lyon is the world capital for French gastronomy with more than 3000 restaurants and bouchon lyonnais (tables serving authentic Lyonnais fare) to choose from. Some of these restaurants have played a large part in ensuring the international reputation of the region: Paul Bocuse, Pierre Orsi, Anne-Sophie Pic, La Tour Rose… treat yourself to the best of Lyonnaise hospitality!

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  • China’s President Mr Xi Jinping on his visit to the Franco-Chinese Institute
    China’s President Mr Xi Jinping on his visit to the Franco-Chinese Institute


LYON and the surrounding region offers you and your family the possibility to experience a full array of exciting activities. Museums, cultural events, luxury boutiques, open-air pursuits, games, entertainment and much more. Our interpreters and guides will be on hand at all times to ensure that you have a fantastic time.

Discover the joys of the mountains in the Alps - See the video

Well-being, beauty-enhancement and cosmetic surgery

Our Cleage Clinic offers leading-edge cosmetic techniques, surgery and beauty-enhancing treatments that will leave you feeling more irresistible than ever.
Benefit from the best of French expertise!

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We will supply you with the use of a limousine with chauffeur for all your travel needs as well as a personal translator and a guide.

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Come and visit Lyon for a week and benefit from a world exclusive cancer prevention program

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