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Is living healthily without cancer for as long as possible one of your health objectives? We can offer you a world exclusive, full health check-up in order to minimise your risks related to cancer

Combine a pleasure trip to Lyon with the benefits of a full health check-up in a leading, specialised hospital in order to evaluate your personal risks in relation to cancer.
Our procedure is based on a program of over 300 screening tests, all scientifically proven and performed in line with precise rules and regulations.

You will be taken charge of by a team of leading specialists trained to use the most advanced techniques. Welcomed in VIP conditions, you will benefit from a calm and highly confidential setting.

Following your stay, and if you so wish, we will remain in contact with you to provide you with all the latest information and updates on scientific progress in relation to the disease. We will help and advise you on prevention measures for your everyday life.

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